Mental Health

College of Southern Idaho Head Start/Early Head Start provides an environment that fosters resiliency with children.  The program promotes growth in attachment, self-control and initiative along with positive behavior.  The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment, Positive Supports, and Second Step are curriculum's and assessments that are used to plan goals and work with the children and the families.

Services Include:

  • Review application and Health History for specific mental health concerns/questions to be followed up on w/family.
  • During Developmental Screening, staff interviews each parent, using social/emotional and behavioral screener- Infant/Toddler DECA or DECA, to be completed within 45 days of the child’s enrollment (and as recommended for EHS).  Results will be shared with families.
  • The Mental Health Professional will visit each classroom and socialization on an ongoing basis, of sufficient frequency throughout the year.
  • Enrollment fairs, home visits, classroom, socializations, and parent/teacher conferences will give Head Start/Early Head Start parents an opportunity to discuss their child’s development and any mental health concerns.
  • Educators will model appropriate response to behaviors. (High/Scope 6 step approach, Second Step Calm Down Techniques, Positive Supports, FLIP IT strategies)
  • Depression screenings will be offered to all pregnant women and biological mothers with children enrolled in CSI EHS program.