• High Scope Curriculum
  • "Active learning" = the belief that children learn best through active experiences with people, materials, events, and ideas, rather than through direct teaching or sequenced exercises
  • Children ServicesUniversal design =inclusive environment
  • Consistent daily routine
  • "Plan-do-review" process
  • Large-group and small-group activities
  • Daily outside play
  • Balance of quiet and active times
  • Children make choices about materials and activities - learn best by pursuing their personal interests and goals
  • Key Developmental Indicators (KDI's), are the building blocks of thinking and reasoning at each developmental level. High/Scope identifies 58 preschool KDIs organized under five content areas.
  • 5 categories = Approaches to Learning, Language, Literacy & Communication, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development, Health & Well Being , Arts & Sciences
  • Classroom adults = partners in children's activities
  • Sharing control with children
  • Focus on children's strengths
  • Forming authentic relationships with children
  • Support children's play
  • Problem solving approach to social conflict.
  • Other specific curricula integrated into their planning:
    CIRCLE (literacy), Colgate Dental Curriculum, 2nd Step Empathy Training, Anger Management & Problem Solving Curriculum, As I Am (mental health), Chef Combo (nutrition), , Math Their Way, Talking About Touching (personal safety), Multi-Cultural/Anti-Bias Curriculum.
  • Teachers plan daily to potomize on children's interests & needs
  • IMIL= I'm Moving, I'm Learning (physical health)
    SPARK=Strengthening Literacy Partnerships and Resources in Communities(literacy)